Have you ever wanted to participate in dance or forms of fitness but found that the movements are too harsh on your body? Whether you’re unable to match face-paced or intense movements due to your mobility, flexibility, or other specific abilities or injuries, it can be sad to miss out on participating. Finding the right exercise to suit your needs and goals, while also providing gentle movements can be difficult. Luckily, today we’ll be talking about a gentle movement class in Raglan that is a perfect softer exercise.

Guide Your Body Through Gentle Movements With Nia Dance

Nia Dance is a beautiful dance style that was created to provide not only healing benefits but to be adapted to suit any person’s needs and abilities. During a Nia exercise, you’ll be taken through seven distinct cycles. Each cycle has a varied effect on your body, with movement speed and style changing each cycle to deliver a range of different advantages and stimulate different parts of your body and mind.

No matter your abilities, each cycle can easily be adapted to what your body needs and can perform. Anyone, regardless of gender, age, or unique needs and abilities, can engage in Nia Dance. Being able to adapt and easily change movements to suit your body can significantly lower the chance of injury while also reducing exhaustion and muscle aches. Listening to your body also allows you to show off your distinct personality in the dance.

Some benefits of Nia Dance most commonly include mental clarity, a more enjoyable view on life, weight loss, a greater positive attitude, calmer energy, higher productivity, muscular toning, improved spinal posture, increased endurance, higher levels of mobility and flexibility, enhanced balance and coordination, better circulation, and improved cognitive and organ performance.

Aside from the cycles and adaptability of Nia Dance, the music played during exercises is equally important in making the routine more gentle. Nia Dance music is specifically chosen to stimulate your nervous system, generate sensations of calm by binaural frequencies, and open and activate your body’s seven chakras. Nia Dance music is sometimes described as beautiful and harmonic, and it utilises a wide range of instruments and chords to bring a sense of tranquillity to your routine. The music will help you ease through cycles gently and allow movements to flow through your body in a soft manner.

Participate In Gentle Nia at Dance NZ 

Dance NZ has 5 distinct Nia Dance courses available, both online and in the Hamilton and Raglan areas. This Nia Dance group is one of the few in New Zealand that offers Nia Dance classes through the internet and physically. For those who can’t make it to class, want to receive some extra guided practice, or would prefer performing at their own pace and time, 24-hour class recordings are now available for purchase on the Dance NZ site here.

Gentle Nia, one of the five classes available at Dance NZ, is ideal for folks who need soothing movements that aren’t complex and don’t require intense mobility. Your instructor, Belinda Goodwin, has carefully adapted the movements of Gentle Nia to be able to provide the benefits of Nia Dance while having her students use lower levels of mobility and flexibility. In fact, this class can even be done while sitting and using only your upper body and you can still enjoy all of the benefits of Nia Dance.

There’s also a special offer to first-time Dance NZ members! Are you wanting to participate in Nia Dance but you’re still hesitant if it’s right for you? You can book 3 classes of your choice for only $15 which is $5 per class! This allows you to try Nia Dance classes at Dance NZ for the first time at a discounted price, so there’s no harm if you don’t enjoy it!

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So come on down to Raglan to take part in Gentle Nia at Dance NZ in-person, or hop on your tablet or laptop and participate through Zoom. Feeling a bit anxious about participating in a new class for the first time? Try a 24-hour class replay and practice some movements and routines in the comfort of your own home to see if a class and Nia Dance would be ideal for you!

Do you have a query? Reach out and CONTACT Dance NZ here to receive the fastest response.

Kind regards, Belinda.

Brown Belt in the Nia Technique. A Certified Parkinson Dance Teacher.

Weekly Dance NZ Courses: Online and Physical HYBRID-Style Nia Dance Classes 

Want to join in on HYBRID-style classes and in-person sessions? Join up to be a Dance NZ member for free here and have access to book classes. 

• Nia Dance Move to Heal: Join in on this class here. Time and dates: 11:15 a.m, Tuesdays mornings. Official class location: Waikato Sports Fishing Club (specified address: Grantham Street in Hamilton).

• Classic Nia: Join in on this class here. Time and dates: 5:30 p.m, Tuesdays evenings. Official class locations: Waikato Sports Fishing Club (specified address: Grantham Street in Hamilton).

• Gentle Nia: Join in on this class here. Time and dates: 9:30 a.m, Wednesday mornings. Official class location: Raglan Town Hall (specified address: 41 Bow Street, Raglan). 

• Classic Nia: Join in on this class here. Time and dates: 9:30 a.m, Friday mornings. Official class location: Saint John’s Hall (specified address: Hamilton, 20 Wellington Street).

• Nia for Parkinson’s Freedom Dance: Join in on this class here. Time and dates: 12:00 p.m, Friday afternoons. Official class location: Saint John’s Hall (specified address: 20 Wellington Street, Hamilton).


Information, booking accessibility and viewing for 24-hour replays, in-person sessions and Nia HYBRID-style class sessions with Belinda Goodwin, can all be found here on the Dance NZ site.

Discover more about the Nia Technique at nianow.com.