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Welcome to Nia Dance with Belinda, This is week 4 of our 11 classes in Term 1,
Finding your Groove in Your Bodys Way YaY!

In this newsletter you will find:
** Welcome New Dancers
**Paulines Story
** The NEW Nia Technique Whitebelt In-Person Training in April, Lower Hutt New Zealand
** Choosing to book a class or just turn up.
** What are my 24hr Replays and how do they work??
** Find a Class Nia You!
** This coming week we are dancing Ann Christiansen’s routine ” Magic” 

One of the things I love the most about Nia dance is that being a little Sassy, a little crazy /zany and losing your inhibitions is highly encouraged, it is within the safe space that we created together that we allow ourselves and each other to become more YOU. 
As Kelly Rae Oien ( Phenomenal Nia Technique Trainer says ) Nia is a Dance Art of Personal expression, YOU BRING YOU !
Please welcome Term 1 Brand new to Nia Dancers, Henny, Kelly Jo and Denny. 
Thanks, everyone for being so encouraging kind and welcoming  


I watched the 24hr Class replay. I did not intend to continue to do the Saturday Class.

Shine seemed a bit repetitive doing two sessions a week and the Old Art School on Stewart Street did not feel like “home”, but at least I could find a parking place, almost impossible at 10 a.m. on a Saturday in Raglan.

Then the 52 moves of Nia Dance  ‘Shine’ grew on me, and I felt a soul connection within the smaller group. Watching the replay I saw how to improve my movements.

Since childhood I have known I have a directional problem (Dyslexia) and more recently I have become aware of poor visualization (Aphantasia). Like many of my age group, I am now hearing impaired and my granddaughter has been teaching me sign language.
The finger techniques in the Shine 52 Moves Routine have been so helpful in keeping my fingers supple.
I studied Martial Arts and Kinesiology in the eighties and observed the importance of movement during my teaching career.
Nia Dance has enabled me to exercise and learn choreography to music, and sometimes it’s been a major learning curve.
I am glad now that I persevered with the Saturday Sessions and cannot wait to experience next week’s Routine ‘Magic’!
Thank you Belinda for your tenacity, I know you have had challenges along the way and our souls are connected,
Love Pauline  

The above story feels so real to me and inspiring from a personal experience that I hear similar aspects of from many of my students,

We are all so unique in the way we learn. We thrive on social connection and find healthful growth in challenging ourselves through movement.

If you would like to enhance your NIA journey even further please consider signing up for the following Nia Technique Training

Nia Art of Sensation Training

Dive into the Art of Sensation (the NEW White Belt) 
with NZ,s 3rd generational NiaTrainer Stephanie DeMay and Australian Nia trainer, Sophie Marsh!

Stephanie is one of my all-time inspirations and is co-leading her FIRST Nia White Belt – ART OF SENSATION – training with the wonderful, Sophie Marsh!

Mark your calendars for… 
April 13 to 19, 2024
Lower Hutt, Wellington

Do you desire more from your Nia practice? This is YOUR opportunity to dive deeper into the Art of Sensation – Nia’s first level of training.  

ART OF SENSATION explores Nia’s practices and philosophy in 13 body-centred principles that have been developed and tested by thousands of participants over 40 years. 

This transformative experience guides you home to your body where you will discover and connect with your authentic self.

Learning to listen to the voice of your body develops body literacy and empowers you to make choices that enhance health and total well-being in your body and life.

Please contact producer, Ali Whitton, for questions about the training and/or accommodation.


Term 1 Prices and Bookings 2024
Book online or just turn up!

There are no classes over EASTER from Friday 29th of March; WE ARE BACK dancing on Tuesday the 2nd of April, recent 24 hr class replays will be sent to TERM PASS Dancers

Casual attendance ( cash at the door ) is $17 or Book online for Cheaper Multiclass options at

I have a New option of Online only attenDance, or Just the Replay!

When booking on my website you receive a Zoom link, and the details for our InPerson Venues giving you the option of dancing on our dance floors or yours!

All attendees online and in-person receive a 24-hour replay of their class!!

Nia Dance Move to Heal Tuesdays 11:15 am
Term 1  = 11 Weeks Starting on the 23rd of January
( Starting with Cuppa Tea time At 10:45 am)
Please remember your cup!
; Waikato Sports Fishing Club Building, 499 Grantham Street Hamilton CBD 
Book a single class HERE

Gentle Nia Wednesdays 9:30am 
Term 1= 11 Weeks Starting on the 24th of January

; Raglan Town Hall, 41 Bow Street Raglan CBD

Book a single Class HERE

Classic Nia Friday 9:30am 
11 Weeks for Term 1 Starting on the 26th of January
Saint John’s Hall, 20 Wellington Street Hamilton East 
Join us for our after-class cuppa at the Cafe across the road !!
Book a single Class HERE

FREEDOM DANCE Nia for Parkinson’s 
Starting on 26th of January
11:45 am at Saint John’s Hall, 20 Wellington Street Hamilton East

$10 for a PD person and $5 for their Caregivers

Classic Nia Saturdays, 10am 
Starting on Saturday the 27th of January and ending on Saturday the 6th of April = 10 weeks on a Term Pass
The Venue is The Creative Space room with plenty of parking we are at 5 Stewart Street Raglan
Around the back and up upstairs of Raglan Old Art School 5 Stewart Street Raglan

Book a single class at $17 per class HERE


Find a Nia Dance class in your Area with a variety of licenced Teachers HERE

 A special note here about how my 24-hour class Replays work

The Replay is a link that requires internet data to view it. 
It is sent as part of the class experience to all class participants FREE!

It is sent on the following day of the class and is available for 24 daytime hours, giving you a generous amount of time to view your class as many times as you like for 24 hrs

In keeping with the regulations of My ONE MUSIC NZ music licence and what  I am encouraged to offer from the Nia Technique. I only send the replay to those who attend the In-person class and those who attend Live on Zoom. 
Those who purchase a TERM PASS deal with me, they receive replays automatically if they miss a class.
To protect the privacy and personal preference of my dancers I offer a space in the class where you cannot be seen on the replay and my camera is set up to impair the faces of dancers so they cannot be easily recognised!
Honouring your choice.
I will send the Replay to your inbox only, and it cannot be downloaded or shared.

From a Self-awareness and Attention to movement point of view, the replays add significant value allowing dancers to see how they learn and respond to the choreography the movement and the music.

I highly encourage you to make the most of this offering, my music and sound is  fed through a mixer you will experience great quality with no voice or music delays, please use an external and a laptop screen or bigger to enhance your experience

Join me this coming week we are dancing Ann Christiansen,s Routine MAGIC and adapted versions of this moderate to difficult learning skill level routine,
in my Nia Dance Move to Heal, Gentle Nia and FREEDOM DANCE Nia for Parkinson’s Classes 

SEE you on the dance floor or LIVE ON ZOOM 
With love from Belinda