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I have been taking Nia classes in Hamilton for four years now and enjoying it enormously.  Nia had a very positive impact on my body’s flexibility, agility, strength, balance, and resilience. A back pain I had before starting Nia has disappeared. At the end of each session, I feel much more relaxed and happy. Coordinating the moves is keeping my brain healthy.  I love the music that motivates me to move. I’m inspired by the dance of excellent Nia teachers such as Belinda and the joy of dancing with a group. It is the best workout I have been doing, less boring, and more fun than any other form of exercise I know.

Margalit Toledano


Belinda makes movement fun.

The sessions are a whole body workout which mobilises joints – very important for me to help minimise the pain and stiffness of rheumatoid arthritis. Belinda gives options throughout each session for levels of difficulty, so we can pitch our dance at our own level.

I highly recommend Nia Dance as a therapeutic form of exercise that reduces stress and gives a “feel-good” factor to exercise. You don’t have to be a dancer to benefit from Nia Dancing!

Nobody cares if you’re out of step. It’s about fun and movement.

Kathy Duxfield


Thank you for your class today on zoom was excellent as usual.

I just completed the replay and thoroughly enjoyed it, thanks again for your tenacity and commitment to pay the people, you really do make a difference.

love Linda



A fabulous class once again for the wonderful teacher, really are lucky to have you, inspirational inspiring thank you, Belinda



Such a warm and welcoming class. The highlight of my week. Thank you so much Belinda you are an excellent teacher.

Dell Quinn


Enjoy every moment.

I struggle sometimes with multi-tasking but try to do my own thing till I get back in time.