A Classic Nia Dance class allowing single participants and bring your partner 20 Wellington Street Hamilton  






With no experience, needed dancers are encouraged to move in “Your Body’s Way” 








As a Brown Belt, Nia technique instructor a common comment I hear is ” I want to come to dance with you and I’m not sure if I can follow the moves? Or more commonly ” Oh I have two left feet! “

is is understandable as I remember the courage I had to find to even consider turning up in a dance class where I didn’t know anyone or how to follow choreographed dance.  






Then I see when people show up for the first time, they are made to feel welcome by the other dancers, who are delighted to have someone new to join us! It fills me with joy to see friendships made. The challenge of stepping into the unknown is quickly replaced with an invitation to be guided by the beautiful music and invited to dance in “your Body’s Way” 



 The Nia Technique Brown Belt is all about the study of Perception, How do you choose to Be? 





Online Dance Classes in Hamilton ,an easier approach for Beginners to step into Nia Technique Dance Classes.  





2020 the year I hear people say with a daunting feeling sigh afterward! Yeah, it was a difficult one. A silver lining for Nia Technique Teachers as we were encouraged to offer our classes online. Bringing more value and accessibility to people who wanted to keep up their social interactions and of course their fitness.  





My first interaction with my students is usually an email or a phone call, I sense the nervousness and braveness in her voice at the same time! They ask me “what is Nia Dance all about”? I often think gosh where do I start. I feel so passionate about self-care and moving for FUN and ENJOYMENT so its usually from this angle that I encourage people that “It’s easy, Come and Join us” 





During Covid, I felt so thankful for my Teenage son at home, with his help I figured ow to get y weekly Nia dance classes online via ZOOM. I saw many single people at home by themselves so happy to see the faces of their friends on screen. Then as we stepped back into our Dance Venues I realised the Online dance class option is an easier way of seeing if the Nia Dance is for you.









  This super Fun Track “Call me out Tiger” can be adapted to accommodate all levels of Fitness. 




Singles Dance Class is about the happiness created from the social interaction. 




It makes me smile when I hear that my class attendees gather together at someone’s house after the class or at a Cafe and enjoy a relaxing cuppa after class. Then what makes me laugh is when I hear that sometimes people attend the coffee meet-up and for whatever reason unable to join the class that day, so they just went for the cuppa and chat!! 



I offer a 24 Hour replay of the class. It is a non-downloadable 24hr link made during every class. For my students who have purchased a TERM PASS ( prepaid before the start of the School Terms ) this is sent to them automatically if they miss the class and is freely available to them the next day.

 now I’m hearing my replays are enjoyed after the class at the cafe or in someone’s home! adding to the single person’s delight, seeing themselves dancing on screen with their new friends.  



My 24 hr Replays are also available to purchase, for members only at Dance NZ. On this webpage, you will also see class a range of Classes to suit beginners dance, Intermediate dancing, and Dance classes for Seniors 65+





 Leave your inhibitions at the door, slip off your shoes and Join us! 

Weekly Dance classes to choose from , dancing Live Online or In person at our Dance Venues  


I offer a First time Deal of classes for $15, from here prices range from $13 to $15 per class on a Points Package

 Nia Dance Move to Heal suitable for Seniors 65 +physical sessions occur at Saint Aidan’s Hall on Tuesdays, 11:15 am (corner of Thames and Heaphy, Hamilton). Zoom classes are open for booking too, and both can be booked here.

Classic Nia classes are at Waikato Sports & Fishing Club, A great place for Beginners, single dancing, and intermediate dancing abilities. Tuesdays at 5:30 pm (Grantham Street, Hamilton). Physical classes and Zoom sessions are open for booking here.

Gentle Nia classes are at Raglan Town Hall, Fantastic for Beginners, and singles Wednesday at 9:30 am (located on 41 Bow Street, Raglan). Physical classes and Zoom sessions are open for booking here.  

Classic Nia classes are at Saint John’s Hall, A great place for Beginners single dancing and for intermediate dancing abilities. Friday at 9:30 am (20 Wellington Street, Hamilton). Physical classes and Zoom sessions are open for booking here.  


• Nia for Parkinson’s Freedom Dance classes occur at Saint John’s Hall, Specifically for people living with Parkinson’s and their caregivers Fridays at 12:00 pm (20 Wellington Street, Hamilton). Physical classes and Zoom sessions are open for booking here.

For More information about the Nia Technique can be located at nianow.com


Please feel free to CONTACT US with any questions, Warm regards Belinda, Nia Technique Brown belt, Certified Parkinson Dance Teacher