Have you been searching for an exercise technique that improves more than just your body? There are many types of fitness methods available that cater heavily to the physical aspect of your life, but very few can cater to your mind, emotions and soul too. It is even harder to come across an exercise that nurtures your mind, body and soul, and is incredibly fun and easy to perform! If this sounds like exactly what you’ve been looking for, read on to learn more about this emotional, spiritual dance in Hamilton.

The Non-Physical Side of Nia Dance

So, what type of exercise can provide so many benefits to so many areas and be accessible to anybody? Well, welcome to the world of Nia Dance. Also known as the Nia Technique, NIA stands for ‘Neuromuscular Itergrative Action’ or ‘Non-Impact Aerobics’. Each name relates to the way Nia Dance is designed, following the complex makeup of our nervous system, organs, muscles and joints, and by how adaptable it is through its non-impact movements.

Nia Dance, compared to other fitnesses, focuses on changing movements based on what feels most comfortable and effective for your body. Because everybody, every person is different, Nia Dance emphasises that it’s okay not to perform movements exactly like your instructor, and encourages you to move how you feel and to even add your own style! Being focused on how the movement feels rather than how it is precisely performed, as well as its non-impact actions, is what makes Nia Dance so effective in delivering a wide variety of benefits to anybody who participates, whether that participation is a 7-minute workout or an hour-long class.

Nia Dance also incorporates mindfulness techniques and important mental teachings from movement arts such as yoga, tai-chi, and the works of Moshe Feldenkrais to name a few. Some of the beautiful mental and spiritual benefits Nia Dance can offer you includes: enhanced connection to self, improved sensory awareness, higher levels of mindfulness, feelings of joy and peace, increased energy and productivity, and easier connection to those around you. 

Connect To Your Soul At Dance NZ

If you’re based in New Zealand, you may have found difficulty in coming across a Nia Dance company in your area or that provides online live sessions. Dance NZ is a Nia Dance-based group that offers classes online through Zoom and in-person at different beautiful venues in Raglan and Hamilton. There are 5 classes available at Dance NZ each week at various times and dates, with 4 different types of classes that you can take part in. 

Your preference of class and method of participating is entirely up to what you feel is the best fit for you! You may not feel comfortable performing in front of other people, so an online class or 24-hour purchasable replay might suit you better! Or maybe you love working out in groups and taking on a physical class.

Depending on your goals and ability or restrictions of your body and other factors, each class may appeal to you differently. Classic Nia is a great all-rounder class for anyone, especially experienced dancers. Gentle Nia is ideal for those beginning in fitness, dance or require soft movement for low mobility. Nia Dance Move to Heal is a certified ACC recovery program that is perfect for those with intense injuries or minor aches or pains. The final class, Nia for Parkinsons Freedom Dance, is only available to people with Parkinson’s and their carers but is an excellent and stimulating class that help alleviate Parkinson’s symptoms.

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Connect to your chakras, emotions and soul with Nia Dance! Whether you’re a spiritual person/someone who is in touch with their emotions or not, Nia Dance can provide something for you. That can be extra happiness, a boost in productivity, or a higher connection to yourself. Or try a class out to reach your physical goals if that’s something you’re more focused on! You can read a blog about the great physical benefits of Nia Dance here.

Not sure if Nia Dance is what you’re looking for? No stress! Try out $5 classes for up to 3 classes of your choice if you’re a first-time Dance NZ member. Check out this offer here.

Do you have a query? CONTACT Dance NZ here to reach out with your question and we’ll get back to you right away.

Kind regards, Belinda.

Brown Belt in the Nia Technique. A Certified Parkinson Dance Teacher.

Dance NZ Classes Every Week: Physical and Online HYBRID-Style Nia Dance Sessions

Book Dance NZ classes by becoming a free member here

• Nia Dance Move to Heal: Engage in this class here. Time and dates: 11:15 a.m, Tuesdays mornings. Current class location: Waikato Sports Fishing Club (chosen location address: 499 Grantham Street in Hamilton).

• Classic Nia: Engage in this class here. Time and dates: 5:30 p.m, Tuesdays evenings. Current class location: Waikato Sports Fishing Club (chosen location address: Grantham Street in Hamilton).

• Gentle Nia: Engage in this class here. Time and dates: 9:30 a.m, Wednesday mornings. Current class location: Raglan Town Hall (chosen location address: 41 Bow Street, Raglan). 

• Classic Nia: Engage in this class here. Time and dates: 9:30 a.m, Friday mornings. Current class location: Saint John’s Hall (chosen location address: Hamilton, 20 Wellington Street).

• Nia for Parkinson’s Freedom Dance: Engage in this class here. Time and dates: 12:00 p.m, Friday afternoons. Current class location: Saint John’s Hall (chosen location address: 20 Wellington Street, Hamilton).

Online HYBRID-style classes and in-person sessions can be found here with all their information and accessibility to book your favourite class with Belinda Goodwin, your Dance NZ instructor.

Explore the Nia Technique at nianow.com.