Currently an experienced dancer but wanting to try a brand new and unprecedented form of dance? Maybe you’re a fitness fanatic or somebody with high levels of mobility wanting to branch out to a unique type of exercise? Whether you have dance experience or not, as long as you have confidence in your movements, these experienced dance classes in Hamilton will be ideal for you!

Nia Dance Is Different From Any Dance Or Fitness You’ve Experienced Before

Nia Dance is a one-of-a-kind approach that mixes martial arts, healing arts, and dance arts, making it, unlike any other dance fitness form. The movements of the Nia Technique were also created with the complicated constitution of the human body in mind (i.e. muscles, nerves, etc). This results in each movement being able to target your body and can give you more advantages than high-intensity or more complex workouts.

Nia Dance is a low-impact approach that can be modified to meet each individual’s requirements or abilities, unlike other dance programs you may have attempted. Nia Dance is all about listening to your body and recognizing what moves feel correct and which don’t. This distinguishes it from other dance or fitness courses, such as Jazz or Contemporary, and Zumba or Crossfit, in that you aren’t forced to perform motions that don’t feel good in your body.

It’s a highly adaptable movement practice that, unlike other dance forms, doesn’t leave you feeling fatigued, hurting, or sweaty after a workout. You’ll also experience ways of exercising that are completely new to you through the 7 cycles of Nia Dance, such as Floor Play (cycle 6).

It provides a wide range of life advantages, including mental, physical, and emotional health and well-being, as well as providing you with skills and tools to help you better your lifestyle and mentality outside of class. A deeper spiritual connection, improved circulation, increased muscle gain and toning, reduced anxiety and depressive symptoms, improved posture, improved cardiovascular and immune systems, improved organ and cognitive functioning, supported balance and coordination, and weight loss are just a few of the advantages.

Dance NZ

Classic Nia is offered in two separate classes, each on a different day and time of the week. Dance NZ, a Nia Dance group headquartered in Hamilton and Raglan, organizes these lessons. Other classes, suitable for a variety of abilities and types of people, can be found listed below the Book Now header of this blog post if you’re interested. Classic Nia, while accessible for everyone, is best suited to experienced dancers or those with confidence in their mobility. Like other classes, Classic Nia is easily adaptable but does require a greater level of mobility and flexibility.

Belinda Goodwin, your Classic Nia instructor as well as all other Dance NZ programs, ensures that you get the most out of each session and aims to teach Nia Dance at all levels in a friendly, non-judgmental, and happy atmosphere. She just obtained her brown belt in the Nia Technique, indicating that she is a skilled and educated Nia Dance instructor. Belinda offers many levels of difficulty in which routines may engage in each session, so you can be sure there is one that is appropriate for you. If you want to improve, you may even put yourself and your talents to the test.

Don’t worry if you can’t commit to a certain lesson time and day. Replays of a variety of classes are available for purchase 24 hours a day. You may view the replay as many times as you like once you’ve purchased it. Even now that the lockdown is over, online courses and 24-hour replays will be available if you choose to keep doing Nia Dance that way.

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Try something new and add a thrill to your regular dance routine with Nia Dance! Expand your current experiences with the unique technique of Nia at Dance NZ. Are you a new Dance NZ member? Click here to get access to a special offer of 3 classes for only $15!

Do you have a query? CONTACT Dance NZ here to reach out with your question and we’ll get back to you right away.

Kind regards, Belinda.

Brown Belt in the Nia Technique. A Certified Parkinson Dance Teacher.

Dance NZ Classes Every Week: Physical and Online HYBRID-Style Nia Dance Sessions

Participate in your favorite in-person and HYBRID-style sessions and join as a free Dance NZ member here

• Nia Dance Move to Heal: Participate in this session here. Time and dates: 11:15 a.m, Tuesdays mornings. Official sessions venue: Waikato Sports Fishing Club (designated location place: 499 Grantham Street in Hamilton).

• Classic Nia: Participate in this session here. Time and dates: 5:30 p.m, Tuesdays evenings. Official session venue: Waikato Sports Fishing Club (designated venue place: Grantham Street in Hamilton).

• Gentle Nia: Participate in this session here. Time and dates: 9:30 a.m, Wednesday mornings. Official session venue: Raglan Town Hall (designated location place: 41 Bow Street, Raglan). 

• Classic Nia: Participate in this session here. Time and dates: 9:30 a.m, Friday mornings. Official session venue: Saint John’s Hall (designated location place: Hamilton, 20 Wellington Street).

• Nia for Parkinson’s Freedom Dance: Participate in this session here. Time and dates: 12:00 p.m, Friday afternoons. Official session venue: Saint John’s Hall (designated location place: 20 Wellington Street, Hamilton). 

You can find on the Dance NZ site here booking and information about online HYBRID-style sessions and in-person classes with your instructor, Belinda Goodwin.

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