Found that you injured yourself over the New Year or Christmas period? Injuries over this period, whether extra back pain or a twisted ankle, are highly more common than any other holiday during the year. So, start the year off by taking care of your body and healing from new or old injuries, aches or pains with Nia Dance, a relaxing recovery dance in Hamilton.

If you’re not familiar with this dance technique, read onwards as this blog will be covering what Nia Dance is, where you can participate, and the style of class at this Nia Dance company that is perfect for physical healing and gentle, adjustable movements.

The Impact of Nia Dance on the Body

Nia Dance (also known as Nia Technique) is a unique dancing technique that mixes martial arts, healing arts, and dance. It combines these lessons into a combination of movements that is gentle on and positively affects your body, including your muscles, tendons, posture and joints. It is made up of 52 individual motions. 

Nia Dance can provide a broad variety of recovery advantages since each movement has its origins 3 different healing arts. Other than helping your body’s muscles and joints, Nia Dance can also heavily aid with general physical discomfort, develop higher joint mobility and flexibility, improve organ function, and increase bodily circulation.

Nia Dance may also make the recovery process more pleasurable and easy by providing social support and relationships. In a judgment-free, quiet, and open environment, not only is rehabilitation more enjoyable, but it also enhances mental and emotional well-being, which is crucial throughout recovery. The injury-recovery Nia Dance class at Dance NZ provides all of this, so read on!

Injury-Orientated Styled Classes at Dance NZ 

Dance NZ offers a class once every week specially catered and designed for the injured body, no matter the physical issue, to provide healing and improvements. Your instructor at Dance NZ, Belinda Goodwin, adapts the universal Nia technique alongside her own style with a gentle, healing approach that is physically focused. This creates the class at Dance NZ known as Nia Dance Move to Heal.

Come along early for pre-class chitchats and delicious brewed tea at the glorious Waikato Sports and Fishing Club venue, which overlooks the beautiful Waikato river. If you’re wanting to attend classes in person, make sure to have your vaccination pass ready upon arrival! Or else, join in online from the comfort of your own home. You can even get your partner, friends or family involved!

If Nia Dance Move to Heal sounds like something you’d be interested in for long-term recovery for any aches or injuries, you can purchase a term pass for Nia Dance Move to Heal here, which entitles you to 12 classes each valued at $13.33, while a single class with no pass or deal is $17. If you’re a first-time member at Dance NZ and Nia Dance Move to Heal sounds like it could be perfect for you but you’re not sure, you can purchase our 3 classes for $15 deal on the Dance NZ website here. There are many other offers available too, which you can view here.

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Make this year a time to feel refreshed, healed and at your best physically and mentally. With classes starting just around the corner, you can start planning your routine, class bookings and organising Dance NZ deals for Term One of 2022.

Have a question? You can make it with CONTACT Dance NZ here and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Kind regards, Belinda.

Brown Belt in the Nia Technique. A Certified Parkinson Dance Teacher.

Nia Dance Weekly Term One 2022 Dance NZ Classes: Physical and Online HYBRID-Style Nia Dance Sessions

New to Dance NZ? Not a member yet? Click here to sign up as a Dance NZ member to be able to book classes.

• Nia Dance Move to Heal, Term One 2022: 11:15 a.m, Tuesdays mornings. Waikato Sports Fishing Club, 499 Grantham Street in Hamilton CBD. Click here to book here.

• Classic Nia, Term One 2022: 5:30 p.m, Tuesdays evenings. Waikato Sports Fishing Club, 499 Grantham Street in Hamilton CBD. Click here to book here.

• Gentle Nia, Term One 2022: 9:30 a.m, Wednesday mornings. Raglan Town Hall, 41 Bow Street, Raglan Townhall. Click here to book here

• Classic Nia, Term One 2022: 9:30 a.m, Friday mornings. Saint John’s Hall, 20 Wellington Street in Hamilton. Click here to book here.

• Nia for Parkinson’s Freedom Dance, Term One 2022: 12:00 p.m, Friday afternoons. Saint John’s Hall, 20 Wellington Street in Hamilton CBD. Click here to book here.

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