As 2022 is well underway, I hope you all have progressed with any new year’s resolutions that you may have made for yourself! Goals can be tricky and often if you’re repeatedly doing something you don’t enjoy, you may not continue.

Looking for a new physical path to assist you in any goals you may have about your physical and mental health? I would strongly recommend Nia Dance, now call me biased but I can confidently say it has truly benefitted me!

Focus and Mental Health 

Every Nia class starts with a focus…something to be aware of, observe, and explore with while moving your body! Keeping a fixed concentration throughout your Nia class experience guarantees that you are IN your body, consciously aware, and actively guiding all of your movement choices and actions, keeping you safe and reducing the risk of injury.

Exercise has been shown to help balance brain chemistry, which has a favourable impact on mental health. More than just ‘exercise’ is delivered by the Nia Technique…

Nia’s holistic approach to healing the body and mind includes mindfulness, insight, positive messaging, presence, healing music, gratitude, self-direction, meaningfulness, and many more transformational tools… Mental wellness, healthy brain chemistry, and overall favourable esteem for self and others are all benefits.

How Nia Dance Can Change Your Life

Nia Dance is an amazing and extremely beneficial type of training and dance. Its one-of-a-kind design allows it to fit a wide range of body shapes and talents. It’s also a low-impact type of exercise and a form of movement art.

Nia Dance’s make-up was created in accordance with the human body’s intricate structure. This opens the door to a wide range of benefits, which can drastically improve your life.

Nia Dance moves are influenced by nine distinct martial arts, healing arts, and dance styles. Aikido, Yoga, and Tai-Chi are examples of these techniques. While these strategies aid Nia Dance’s physical impact, they also aid Nia Dance’s mental and spiritual impact.

Nia Dance is influenced not only by the physical motions of these arts but also by their vocal teachings. This is how Nia Dance is able to deliver great mental health advantages and enjoyment in your life. Nia Dance also integrates mindfulness practises, which can help you feel more relaxed after each lesson and offer emotions of peace and calmer energy.

Nia Dance’s music also helps you understand how the technique might benefit you. Nia Dance music can considerably help enhance your mood, aid in the opening of your seven chakras, help organ function and nervous system performance, as well as inspire feelings of serenity and joy, by incorporating binaural frequencies, precise chords and pitches, and properly chosen instruments.

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Change your life for the better today and sign up for Nia Dance classes at Dance NZ today! Feel the difference in your mood, mind, body and soul, and within all areas of your lifestyle, such as your physical and mental wellbeing. So, give Nia Dance a go!

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Kind regards, Belinda.

Brown Belt in the Nia Technique. A Certified Parkinson Dance Teacher.

Nia Dance Classes occur weekly at Dance NZ: This includes online sessions as well as in-person classes at our many Nia Dance locations

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• Nia Dance Move to Heal classes (11:15 a.m., Tuesday) may be booked here. Classes start in the Saint Aidan’s Hall location. This venue can be found on the corner of Thames Street and Heaphy Terrace, Hamilton.

• Classic Nia classes (5:30 p.m., Tuesday) can be booked here. The location of the classes is based in the Grantham Street venue in Hamilton, known as the Waikato Sports Fishing Club.

• Gentle Nia classes (9:30 a.m., Wednesday) may be booked here. Classes start in the Raglan Town Hall venue. This class is located at 41 Bow Street, Raglan. 

• Classic Nia classes (9:30 a.m., Friday) can be booked here. These classes start in the Saint John’s Hall location. The venue can be found at 20 Wellington Street, Hamilton.

• Nia for Parkinson’s Freedom Dance classes (12:00 pm, Fridays) start at the Saint John’s Hall location. This venue can be found at 20 Wellington Street, Hamilton, and can be organised here

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