There are many reasons to get involved in a fitness activity like a dance. People feel compelled to get involved due to exercise or health reasons, or just because they enjoy the activity. A great reason to get involved with something like dance is the social side of the exercise. Meeting new people, expanding your social circle and increasing your levels of socialisation have been shown to boost memory, happiness and other cognitive functions. Today’s blog will be talking about social dance classes in Hamilton that will leave you feeling socially refreshed and happier within your mind, body and soul.

The Social Side of Nia Dance

If you read our blogs often, you’ll know all the amazing benefits of Nia Dance and what makes it so effective. You can access these blogs and read them here. There are blogs covering Nia Dance’s mental, physical and spiritual effects, as well classes for beginners, seniors, experienced dancers and those with Parkinson’s.

Briefly, Nia Dance is a holistic movement art known worldwide. Taking inspiration and adapting movements from nine different techniques, such as tae-kwon-do, jazz, and yoga, Nia Dance has been developed to be non-impact, highly adaptable, and diverse with its benefits.

Nia Dance can be performed alone or in groups, sitting down or standing up, for a few minutes or an hour, and still provide just as many benefits and fun! The social side of Nia Dance will help bring more confidence and self-esteem, reduce blood pressure, improve brain health and function, boosts your mental health, furthers your purpose and quality of life, and reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s.

Enjoy The Beauty Of Nia Dance With Others at Dance NZ

If you’re based in New Zealand, it can be difficult to find a Nia Dance company, especially one that has classes that fit your specific needs, and abilities and is provided in the perfect venue and location. Based in the Waikato region, Dance NZ is a Nia Dance organisation that provides in-person classes at different locations in Hamilton and Raglan, and online HYBRID-style sessions through Zoom. Online classes are perfect to attend if you’re too far away to make physical classes or prefer working out alone or at home. However, if you’re located in Hamilton or Raglan, take advantage of in-person sessions to boost your social levels and meet new people from all walks of life.

There are many classes available for you to choose from, each one with its own special design and advantages. The class that most suits you will also help connect you to those similar to you or those with similar experiences which can be extremely beneficial. Friends or people who can relate to you are a great support and easier to build the first foundation of friendship with.

The classes available at Dance NZ vary: Gentle Nia is recommended for beginners or those needing less or softer movement. Classic Nia is recommended for those with dance experience but is also an all-rounder class. Nia Dance Move to Heal is similar to an injury rehabilitation program and is certified by ACC and the Waikato Strength and Balance organisation. Nia for Parkinson’s Freedom Dance also holds certification from the Waikato Strength and Balance organisation and is only open for participation to those with Parkinson’s and their carers.

One of the lovely things about Dance NZ that sets them apart from any other fitness group or dance program is that your instructor, Belinda Goodwin, plans activities outside of classes for everyone to get together and have fun. Likely, you’ll only see your peers once a week at Nia Dance classes so these planned outings help everyone bond quicker and provide a nice change of scenery, such as lunch out at a cafe. Even within classes, if you show up early, you can enjoy time with everyone before the session starts, such as with a cup of tea at the Waikato Sports and Fishing Club venue.

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It can be hard to find the right environment to meet people and make new friends. Dance NZ provides the perfect group setting to be able to meet new individuals, while Nia Dance provides the perfect, fun bonding experience to build newfound relationships or even strengthen old ones! So, get booking for your favorite Nia Dance class before the class is over for the week or before it’s booked out!

Not sure if Nia Dance is what you’re looking for? No stress! Try out $5 classes for up to 3 classes of your choice if you’re a first-time Dance NZ member. Check out this offer here.

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Kind regards, Belinda.

Brown Belt in the Nia Technique. A Certified Parkinson Dance Teacher.

Nia Dance Courses Each Week At Dance NZ: Physical and Online HYBRID-Style Nia Dance Sessions

Book out your favorite Nia Dance class Dance NZ here by joining as a free member. 

• Nia Dance Move to Heal: Engage in this class here. Time and dates: 11:15 a.m, Tuesdays mornings. Current class location: Waikato Sports Fishing Club (chosen location address: 499 Grantham Street in Hamilton).

• Classic Nia: Engage in this class here. Time and dates: 5:30 p.m, Tuesdays evenings. Current class location: Waikato Sports Fishing Club (chosen location address: Grantham Street in Hamilton).

• Gentle Nia: Engage in this class here. Time and dates: 9:30 a.m, Wednesday mornings. Current class location: Raglan Town Hall (chosen location address: 41 Bow Street, Raglan). 

• Classic Nia: Engage in this class here. Time and dates: 9:30 a.m, Friday mornings. Current class location: Saint John’s Hall (chosen location address: Hamilton, 20 Wellington Street).

• Nia for Parkinson’s Freedom Dance: Engage in this class here. Time and dates: 12:00 p.m, Friday afternoons. Current class location: Saint John’s Hall (chosen location address: 20 Wellington Street, Hamilton).

Online HYBRID-style classes and in-person sessions can be found here with all their information and accessibility to book your favorite class with Belinda Goodwin, your Dance NZ instructor.

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